About the Toronto Prop Expo

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The Toronto Prop Expo is a gathering of prop builders, collectors and enthusiasts from the Greater Toronto Area as well as all across Southern Ontario and beyond! In past years the event has been largely private just with members of online prop forums as well as friends and family attending to show off their handiwork, collections, and ‘talk shop’. As we continue to grow we encourage anyone to attend and hopefully be so interested that they too will join the hobby.

While sharing our hobby with number of online forums dedicated to discussing, researching, collecting, and building replicas of props and costumes used in movies and TV shows is great; being able to get together and admire the collections of fellow enthusiasts is an opportunity to not only have a great time, but also learn from one another and maybe show off a little, is even better!

UDReplicas display 2 awesome proton pack IMG_1558 IMG_1702mark 1 helmet