Meet our youngest member at the 2016 Toronto Prop Expo!

Making and collecting props and prop replicas has no age limit, fans of all ages attend each year, but this year you can come and see the work of our youngest member, Farrell!

Farrell is a 15 year old prop maker who specializes in making helmets and other TV and movie props from materials like cardboard craft foam, and many other materials that anyone can get their hands on very easily and cheaply. He also includes electronics and has recently begun using 3D printing and moulding as part of his work.

farrells props

A few words from Farrell

“When others see how simple many of the materials are, they are surprised. I explain the process so they can make it too. Lately I’ve been using more complicated methods like molding and casting with silicone molds, 3d printing, and laser cutting.

Last Years Prop Expo was an amazing experience. There were so many detailed props, costumes, and displays. The prop builder’s were also fascinating and helpful. Although I was probably the youngest person in the room they made me feel like I was a part of everything and so many of them were informative and encouraging. I think I had a thousand questions! I got to see that I wasn’t the only one who made props– others shared my interests in building and replicating props and costumes. I hope this year will be just as good, maybe even better!

This year, I hope to display my best props so I can contribute to creating the best experience possible for all of our guests. I was inspired at last year’s event and will now try my best to inspire others this year.”

Farrell also has a great Youtube tutorial channel where he shows how he makes props and costumes. Check out Farrell’s Props and be sure to look for his display and say hi to him at the 2016 Toronto Prop Expo!

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