John Anderson

Starting in 1999-2000 I discovered replica prop building and collecting as a hobby when some eBay searching lead me to a Darth Vader lightsaber replica. From there it began snowballing from me trying to collect a few lightsabers to me building and selling replica lightsabers to fund other items. At the time it was a hobby where with a good number of people discussing, researching, building, and selling almost any prop you could imagine on forums such as the Replica Prop Forum. The hobby has grown from from that to something much more massive, with companies dedicated to licensed replicas and a multitude more people into the hobby of building and collecting replica props.

Beginning with Star Wars as my main focus and then to a decade plus obsession with Ghostbusters props where I have spent most of my time researching and building props, I’ve grown my interests to include other franchises such as Firefly, Indiana Jones, Warehouse 13, and Back to the Future (to name a few). My career in Graphic Design meant my attention to detail would aid in my desire for perfect replicas, and this growing skill-set lead me to meet some great friends who would enable or encourage me to do some props and prop replicas professionally. I’ve had the opportunity to make props for use in TV shows, commercials etc. through Oxenham Designs, Karl Derrick, and personal contacts. I’ve also been able to work with some replica prop companies who make and sell licensed replica props.

At the CNE Exhibit: Pop Culture: Let Your Fandom Flag Fly!

John has loaned props including:

  • Ghostbusters – Proton Pack
  • Ghostbusters – Ecto Goggles
  • Ghostbusters – PKE Meter
  • Firefly – Jayne’s Hat
  • Firefly – Food Bar
  • Firefly – Datapad
  • Firefly – PAL Communicator
  • Firefly – Comm Panel
  • Firefly – Catalyzer
  • Star Wars – Luke ANH Lightsaber
  • Star Wars – Luke ESB Lightsaber
  • Star Wars – Luke ROTJ Lightsaber
  • Star Wars – Vader ANH Lightsaber
  • Star Wars – Vader ESB Lightsaber
  • Star Wars – Vader ROTJ Lightsaber
  • Star Wars – Obi Wan ANH Lightsaber
  • Indiana Jones – Fedora
  • Indiana Jones – Whip
  • Indiana Jones – Idol
  • Indiana Jones – Staff of Ra Headpiece
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey – HAL 9000 Panel
  • Warehouse 13 – Farnsworth

How to contact John

John can be contacted via email at